Chief Executive Officer & Founder


“Every business needs a Legal Advisor. Businesses should build a relationship with a good Lawyer early enough in the life cycle of the business. Your Legal Advisor will get to know the intricacies of your business and give legal advice when necessary.

Setting up and operating a new business can be thrilling, but a smart businessman must also protect the Business from legal and commercial risks and it’s essential to consider all legal aspects of it.

In my years of law practice, I’ve discovered that a lot of Entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting off all legal issues until they are threatened with a lawsuit. They tend to engage Professionals only after a problem has arisen. There is a saying that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. This is quite true. It costs you less to prevent a legal issue from arising than to solve it when the issue has arisen”.


An experienced LLM-qualified Senior Advocate and Legal Consultant with seventeen years of substantial professional experience in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, who possesses specialized expertise in providing legal support to ensure a business environment with minimum legal and commercial risk. He is more than able to offer advice on the law, legal procedures, compliance, risk management, and a wide range of associated issues.

He has provided his bespoke services to a large group of companies in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan like National Health Insurance -PJSC (Daman), MCB Bank Ltd, Azizi Developments, Sweets Homes group of companies, and MPG Global. His core specialities and expertise are in Property and Real Estate, Health Insurance, Banking, General Corporate Commercial, and Construction.


  • Master of Law (LLM)
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Laws (DLL)


  • Admitted to practice as an Advocate at the High Courts of Pakistan